Apple Mac Book Retina

Apple Macbook Pro 15.4 Intel Retina I7 16gb / 512gb Refurbished Nvidia 750m

Apple Macbook Pro 15.4 Intel Retina I7 16gb / 512gb Refurbished Nvidia 750m

Apple Macbook Pro 15.4 Intel Retina I7 16gb / 512gb Refurbished Nvidia 750m    Apple Macbook Pro 15.4 Intel Retina I7 16gb / 512gb Refurbished Nvidia 750m

Apple macbook pro 15.4 retina intel i7 16GB / 512GB - refurbished nvidia 750m. This product page has been automatically translated. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Grade b apple 2,799 list guarantee italiana. Need information on buying this item? Active Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00. Apple macbook pro 15.4 inch retina 2013 ". A1398 me294ll / a-macbookpro11.3-end of 2013. Intel core i7 4850hq "haswell" 2.3 ghz with turbo thrust up to 3.5 ghz.

16 GB ddr3 1600 mhz-not expandable. Reach 512 flash disk ssd (ultra fast).

Intel iris pro 5200 (1536 MB) + nvidia geforce 750m g (2048 MB). Wi-fi, bluetooth, usb 3.0 ports, sd card reader.

2880 of 1800 pixels HD resolution of 15.4 inches diagonal. Backlit azerty with us + multitouch.

Apple osx 10.11 expandable captain deluxe to macos high sierra. Assessment of the general appearance. After a careful and scrupulous evaluation that declared aesthetic checks by our technicians. (click on different tab) State of the battery.

Some scratches on the top, one or two slightly rounded in the corners, scratches on the bottom (cover). Very good condition, almost nothing really noticeable.

Slight wear, nothing on the top. Very good condition, can present some small "lightspot" or "deadpixel". Excellent condition, fully functional and included in the sale. Fully functional, the product does not have a hardware problem. Fully functional, the product does not have a software problem.

"Normal" status does not require imminent replacement. You will be delivered with. 10 good reasons to buy from us!

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Faq - frequently asked questions. We are a team of young fans in the world of high technology, who created the "active generation" startup in early 2015 to satisfy a particular but demanding market niche. We are always looking for good products, tested and verified by experts in the field, offering prices significantly less prohibitive in comparison with "new\Today, after many years, we are established as a benchmark on this type of product, with thousands of positive feedback and a lot of customers, who managed to attract advanced products from satisfied and expensive, reasonable prices Our offices and warehouses are open from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.

Are produced (computers and telephones) nuovi which normally are rented to companies or professionals. At the end of their production on the rental companies and repackage them internally (ie products that are opened and sanitized in its entirety) and, if there is any worn component is replaced by the original parts or compatible. Then the product is closed and tested with machines that verify the proper operation of the software and hardware. That's a total of more than 30 feature tests and, once passed, are reintroduced into the market, with prices up to 70% cheaper than new products. Hence the advantage not only economically for people who buy these reliable products, guaranteed the best quality, without neglecting the aspect of environmental protection, since you will reduce and minimize the waste that will be found in landfill.

Our "repackaging" processes are divided into 3 phases. Complete appliance cleaning and disinfection. Clean the software installation and check the same. Hardware testing and verifies the complete and proper operation. 3 all processes are essential, and no two can be omitted.

The first control is intended to make the terminal flawless hygienically and aesthetically aesthetic side, making thoroughly clean the interior, removing any dust that may have settled during the period of use. The second is to restore software and reinstall the system from scratch, providing the client with a copy of the software that has been completely cleaned from any previous use, so you can reuse it as if it were purchased "new". The last process is the most important and is called "technical control". The unit is fully controlled and checked internally, manually and using the correct "tester\If any of the internal components become too worn or damaged, it is replaced with a new and functional one. At the end of these tests, the terminal is closed and sealed inside a cardboard box (usually in conjunction with its accessories), ready to be shipped. The repackaging is then completed and the product can be resold in perfect working order and, normally, in good / excellent cosmetic state. On all our products is clearly indicated the possible degree of wear. Currently, what is the importance and role of these products in the technology market? The market demands more and more diversified technology, which is not always lies in the choice of a product, but sometimes in the choice of an efficient and environmentally friendly system.

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Our choice of measurement, is made according to a thorough and thorough verification to be as "objective" as possible, in order to give customers peace of mind at the deserves merit. In my mac keyboard lack of accented characters, how can I? Our mac keyboards have an international layout (except where we did not otherwise), and when we created these products leave the layout absolutely unchanged, so typing exactly what is displayed on the screen.

The only difference compared to an Italian keyboard, then, is that of accented characters, but Apple has implemented in the software on these keyboards in a simple and functional way. For example, if you have to type there (with accent), would be enough to hold the letter a, and you'll be able to see in video all the accents you can insert.

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Smart generation srl-social capital 50,000 i. Click here to see the description.

Intel iris pro 5200 (1536 MB) nvidia geforce 750 m g (2048 MB). Apple mac os x 10.9, mavericks. Intel core i7 4ª generazione.

The item "apple macbook pro 15.4 retina intel i7 16GB / 512gb refurbished nvidia 750m" is on sale since Friday, November 10, 2017. It is in the category "computers, networks \ laptops, netbooks \ laptops".Srl" and is located in / in messina.

This item can be shipped to the following country: european union.

  1. hard disk dimension: 512gb
  2. memory (ram): 16 GB
  3. operating system: apple mac os for 10.9, mavericks
  4. country of manufacture: united states
  5. insert packaging: sì
  6. processor model: intel core i7 4ª generation
  7. processor speed: 2.30 ghz
  8. brand: apple
  9. Manufacturer Part Number: me294ll / a
  10. screen size: 15.4 "
  11. manufacturer warranty: 3 months
  12. year of publication: 2013
  13. product family: macbook pro
  14. upc: 885909742646
  15. ean: not applicable

Apple Macbook Pro 15.4 Intel Retina I7 16gb / 512gb Refurbished Nvidia 750m    Apple Macbook Pro 15.4 Intel Retina I7 16gb / 512gb Refurbished Nvidia 750m