Apple Mac Book Retina

Apple Macbook 12 Retina, 8gb, Ssd 512 GB

Apple Macbook 12 Retina, 8gb, Ssd 512 GB

Apple Macbook 12 Retina, 8gb, Ssd 512 GB   Apple Macbook 12 Retina, 8gb, Ssd 512 GB
Sells macbook 12 retina screen, perfect cosmetic and working condition. Osx mojave operating system reinstalled like new. Sold complete, box, cable, charger and invoice. The ultra-slim and ultra-advanced macbook. The MacBook 12 has been designed to be the lightest and most compact laptop ever, without distorting the mac experience.

Its 12-inch retina display with slab ips provides a high-quality image and its backlit keyboard offers comfort and precision. It is available in 4 different colors: silver, gold, pink gold and sidereal gray. The screen retina, totally revised. When you open the new macbook, you'll immediately fall in love with its 12-inch retina display, whose glass extends from one edge to the other.

With its ips with three million pixels, your photos shine and reveal all their details. With its micro-thickness of 0.88 millimeters, it is the screen retina finest ever seen on a mac. In order for the new MacBook to fully enjoy the splendor of a retina screen, Apple has redesigned the pixels to create a larger aperture, letting in more light.

This made it possible to use a 30% LED backlight that is more energy efficient than that of the screen retina of other mac laptops, while diffusing the same brightness. Designed for a wireless world. The new macbook is not only ready to evolve in a wireless world.

He is literally made for him! With innovative software and services from Apple and the latest wireless technologies, it can do virtually anything without cables. To create a notebook as thin and light as the new macbook, apple has been up to revisiting the way the macbook connects to devices and power sources. The new USB port c is a new standard of universal connectivity, bringing together in one dynamic port the essential functions you need every day. This connector provides charging, fast USB 3 data transfer for connection to external devices and devices, and video output supporting vga, hdmi and displayport connections (necessary adapters, not supplied). The new MacBook's keyboard has been designed to offer the comfort of standard sized keys despite the compact size of the set. Each component has been redesigned specifically for this computer, from the underlying mechanism to the curvature of each key, through the font.

The result: a new keyboard much finer than all the previous ones. Now, when your finger presses a key, it descends and bounces in a clear and uniform movement that allows a much more accurate typing. With a classic scissor mechanism, a hit on the edge could reach the bottom of the case without the strike itself being recorded. Apple has therefore imagined a new mechanism, butterfly type. Wider than the scissors mechanism, it consists of a more rigid material and from a single assembly.

The result: more stable and more responsive keys, in a much smaller vertical space. To achieve such a thin backlit keyboard, Apple chose to eliminate the row of LEDs and the optical guidance panel that spread the light across the keyboard. Instead, a led was placed under each key; all are calibrated to distribute a uniform brightness, so that each key and each character come off sharply and accurately, but also so that a minimum of light diffuses around the key. At first glance, the force touch trackpad looks like all trackpads. But, beneath the surface, it is radically different. Its sensors detect the level of pressure your fingers exert and the new taptic engine gives you a new sensation when you click, no matter where you press.

The sensory capabilities of this trackpad allow you to tell your macbook your intention based on subtle variations in the level of pressure you exert. It becomes possible to perform many things in different apps, from a single surface of action. Mac os x el capitan.

Os x is the operating system that makes the heart of each mac beating. It is based on a unix foolproof structure and was designed to make the most of the capabilities of the computer ..

the os x el capitan operating system is even more powerful and easier to use, without ever affecting the essential elements of the mac . Os x el capitan gives you simpler and smarter ways to do what you do all the time on your mac.

In os x el capitan, new system fonts have even been designed to take full advantage of high-resolution retina displays. Retina 12 inch screen with high resolution of 2304 x 1440 pixels.

Slab ips: bright colors and wide viewing angles (178 °). Intel skylake processor: intel core m5 (dual-core 1.1 ghz / 2.7 ghz turbo - cache 4 mo). 8 GB of memory lpddr3 (integrated).

Smooth and fast operation with 512 GB ssd pcie storage. Wireless communication wi-fi ac + bluetooth 4.0. Usb port type c with support: recharge, usb 3.1, displayport output 1.2 (native). Vga or hdmi compatibility via adapters (not included).

Keyboard with backlit keys individually by led + brightness sensor. Trackpad force touch: precise cursor control and pressure sensing capabilities. Battery offering up to 10 hours of battery life (in wireless web browsing) / 11 hours (in movie playback).

Headphone jack with support for apple iphone earphones with remote and microphone. Operating system mac os x el capitan. The item "apple macbook 12 retina, 8go, ssd 512 go" is for sale since Thursday, December 27, 2018. It is in the category "computers, networks \ laptops, netbooks \ laptops".

The seller is "erinill" and is located in the harbor, haute-normandie. This item can be shipped to the following country: France.

Apple Macbook 12 Retina, 8gb, Ssd 512 GB   Apple Macbook 12 Retina, 8gb, Ssd 512 GB